It is very satisfying to design or update a logo and then to create the whole graphic package that visually communicate with it’s target audience.


    I am comfortable designing webgraphics, e-banners, presentations and any other digital graphics. I am more of a website designer than a developer but I know my html and web programming to aid my designs and create a great website.


    I have a lot of experience designing for print. The list of things I created over the years include, but is not limited to packaging materials and labels; businesscards, brochures and flyers; invitations and other event stationery as well as large scale posters and exhibition stand materials.


    The layout of books and catalogues and annual reports is one of my all-time favourite things to do. Maybe because of my love of books in general but I have a soft-spot for book layouts. I know I love to focus on the organizational principles of composition to achieve the specific communication objectives.


    Photography is a natural extention of my love of visuals, exploring what something looks like, or what it can look like in certain angles is a very exciting creative venture and I enjoy exploring styled photography while I get to know my DSLR Canon Camera.


    I am at the beginning of my illustration journey and love exploring my style and my interest in using colour. Mostly I work by hand with watercolours or inks and then take it to screen to fine tune. But honestly right now I kind of like the rawness of my experimentations!