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designer profile

About iLana

I am a South African living, permantly in New Zealand. I have been a maker of graphics in all forms for the bigger part of my life and it was a natural extention of my love of visuals to end up in a graphic field.

My professional career started as a layout artist and desktop publisher while I developing my design skills. I had a steady in-house graphic design position for 7 years, worked in a design studio and added freelancer to my resume in 2012. I love creating graphics for people or businesses. Pretty sure I always will.

The last two odd years I've been experimenting and honing my skills in photography and illustration and hope to do much more with it on a professional level.

On the home-front; I'm married to a pretty cool guy for 10 odd years and we have a eight year old daughter, an almost fourteen year old golden retriever, a bossy tabby cat and a very busy golden retriever puppy together. We relocated from South Africa to New Zealand early in 2017 in search of adventure and new opportunities. So far we have experienced both though mostly we are just trying to find our feet in a new country.

I know I have written a better “about me” piece somewhere in some notebook but I fail to find that particular notebook as I attempt to update this page…

Such is the happenings of a crazy-creative-mind full of ideas, and many to-do lists and as many wanna-do-lists. Who tries to juggle being a wife of a caring-super-fan-funny-and-lovable man, a mom of 4 year old busy-body-girly-girl, a human for a lovable-walk-fan golden retriever, a freelance graphic designer and mostly a curious artist who still sort of struggles to find her creative voice – but – realising instead I should use which ever voice makes a sound or a mark and start there. Or rather here. That’s who I am. And of all the quotes and all the words and all the inspiration I carry with me. This one most of all: “I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.” by William Blake