• Identity Design: A logo The Brand

    Identity Design: A Logo The Brand

    Identity Design includes a logo, alternate logo layout, sub-marks, colour palette, typography & design elements. For me there are few things as exciting as creating and establishing “the look” and the visuals of a new brand or service; but in saying that; refreshing an existing one can be just as fun. We’ll start with the logo and I’ll do my best to create or adjust to suit your ideas. Then it’s time to design business cards, letterheads and email signatures (and what-ever else you may need), as well as the marketing material to create the complete brand image.

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  • Print and Marketing Graphic Design

    Print Design: Marketing Material

    The layout of books and material is really one of my favourite things to do. It’s not work. It’s design. I’m happy to add my creative skills to brochures and flyers, annual reports, magazine or newspaper advertisements, posters and signage, invitations and other event stationery. Of course there are also flyers, banners, signage, maybe branding for your vehicle. An event or conference programs, booklets and name tags …

    I can design any of these marketing materials. My aim is to create a final product that will showcase your brand, your product, your service; in the best possible way while being an effective marketing tool.

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  • Websites and Electronic Media Design

    Digital Design: Website & Electronic Stuff

    In our digital age, you need to be visible online and promote your event or brand on social media or via newsletters. I’m happy to design promotional designs, e-advertisement campaigns, event content, new product/service launch designs all optimised for social media. Of course I am also able to design and build a website that are visually engaging and functional as well as mobile friendly. Whether you need a newsletter or a banner or a PowerPoint presentation; I can design something digital that builds your brand and show the internet what you have to offer.

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