I know I have written a pretty cool “about me” piece somewhere in some notebook but I fail to find that particular notebook as I attempt to update this page… Such is the happenings of a crazy-creative-mind full of ideas, and many to-do lists and as many wanna-do-lists. Who tries to juggle being a wife of a caring-super-fan-funny-and-lovable man, a mom of 4 year old busy-body-girly-girl, a human for a lovable-walk-fan golden retriever, a freelance graphic designer and mostly a curious artist who still sort of struggles to find her creative voice – but – realising instead I should use which ever voice makes a sound or a mark and start there. Or rather here. That’s who I am. And of all the quotes and all the words and all the inspiration I carry with me. This one most of all: “I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.” by William Blake

I'm finding a huge interest and fascination (and attempting to try it too) with styled photography, but mostly these are the lucky shots that sorta shows you how I see the world.. .. ..

I'm a maker: graphic designer by trade, and artist otherwise. I'm a South African living in New Zealand with my family - a man, a 4 year old madam and a golden retriever